Youtube & me

well i still haven’t got to grips with how it works, your all probably thinking ‘its so easy’ honestly i just haven’t had the time, how do these mamas do it blogging/ you tubing literally slaying at life and heres me with my god awful videos in comparison but ones that i’ll always treasure – i just don’t know how they do it.

so my youtube game is at a level 1 but i’m keen to get it up to a 5, hoping, i’m currently looking for a handheld stick so i can attach my camera and record easily, i saw Zoella had one the other day but i can’t find one anywhere! i mentioned on my insta stories that WM & I are working on some bits and pieces and i’m really keen to record these so hopefully i’ll be doing that and making them a bit better in the process 😉

but for now i was taking photos of the boys yesterday and just spur of the moment recorded this little video of them together, bear with it i know there isn’t much going on 🙂


i’ll be back soon hopefully with a better video if the sun ever comes back!


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