Yoga on the Lawn

its been a long time since i’ve done yoga, i first started in 2015 in the evenings before bed just from a youtube channel, here, i found it not only helped me sleep better it also relaxed me in a whole new way that i can’t even describe! i saw the National Trust had a ‘yoga on the lawn’ event at Avebury and it sounded perfect, yoga outside in the countryside what could be better.

the day before it rained allll day so i was questioning whether the event would be on but it was and it was amazing! we was so lucky as it was gorgeous sunshine and boy i can’t tell you how amazing it was to relax on the open grass with the sun beating down on you. it was totally needed as life for me at the moment is pretty full on/ stressful/ tiring so this was the perfect escape.

i took a few snaps to show just how beautiful the day was! heres a link to the Trust website for more info, the last class is this Saturday but will return again next year, which i just can’t wait!

yoga you’ve hooked me in again! ♥


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