Its the day of love and we’re celebrating with these homemade chocolate lollys we made at the weekend 🙂 I say day of love instead of Valentines day because I don’t personally believe in Valentines but I do believe in L O V E ♥

I thought it’d be fun for us to do some making with Rue and what better idea then chocolate hundreds & thousands lollys, the hundreds & thousands idea probably wasn’t my best idea but we completely embraced it & just laughed at the mess we got in.


yes I know our kitchen looks t e r r i b l e without any tiles and yes we still don’t have any, its been roughly 30 months that we haven’t had any but good news is we’ve picked some & our builder has come out & quoted us so it’s just a case of scheduling it in for next month – he’s incredibly busy lately so we’re hanging on in there.


post nap, still in pyjamas we didn’t really get dressed all day & hundreds & thousands everywhere 🙂



The result the next day after chilling in the freezer overnight, i’m so pleased with how they come out! I brought a cheap silicone mould off of eBay which came with the lolly sticks, I had some Milka chocolate in the fridge which the boys melted and then a tube of sprinkles and ta dah 🙂


also just had to share our second valentines day card that babs has made us – I love love love it when he makes us stuff and brings it home in his little dinosaur bag, one of the staff said he spent a g e s making it which just makes it even more special ♥

Hope you all had a lovely weekend!


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