work wear part ii

i’m back for another whistle stop tour of ‘what i wear to work’ – the weather last week has been lush and we shouldn’t complain but our office is eco friendly and therefore doesn’t have air conditioning so trying to dress in summer can be pretty tough (how the guys survived last year in that mega heat wave i don’t know!)

this week was actually alright, it felt really warm out at times but the office remained cool! there was a few late night messages/ early messages to Han like ‘what do i wear, i’m such a ghost!’ which got me thinking i need to revamp my summer wardrobe massively, i don’t even own a pair of sandals currently! last year not being at work or ever going anywhere without the boys meant i lived in my sliders, so this week i brought some red culottes, two pairs of sandals and a black v neck tee (well my mum brought me on an i o u  – thanks ma!) all which came to £45 which i think is a bargain! i’m super excited for the black suede pair as i love slip on shoes!

  1. Red culotte’s at £16.50, HERE, sold out currently ;(
  2. Suede flat sandals at £17.99, HERE, also available in a blush pink
  3. Red leather flat sandals £12.50, HERE, where i can i try and avoid leather so these might end up going back
  4. Boohoo black v neck tee at £3.50, HERE

so back to my outfit, my tee is actually part of a pj set my ma got me from primark but i wear it as a tee all the time! my trousers are from 2013 when we went to New York and i can officially say i haven’t worn them since 2013, two babies on  and i’m f i n a l l y back in them 🙌 i have them in plain black too! these are from the american version of Gap (i can’t bring myself to mention them as you might have seen they’ve completely ripped off the lovely Carries designs over at Mere Soeur and you all know i love Carries stuff!) d*cks! my sliders are just constantly on my feet when my superstars or Docs aren’t! so with these new sandals it should take my shoe count up to five at least 🙌 my denim jacket is last season from new look and its a staple piece in my wardrobe! my sunnies are Cheap Monday which the boys got me last summer 😍

massive thanks again to Han for taking my photos!

happy new week everyone ✨


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