work lookbook part IV ✨

I’m back with the next edition of work lookbook part four now admittedly this outfit as in the photos probably isn’t acceptable for work but if i undid the knot and tucked it in it’d be just fine 😉 i really love how these photos came out on a trip back from supermarket we came across this bright skip outside of Screwfix and i made everyone stop so i could pose for these photos whilst WM shook his head at me 😉

i mentioned last year my love for tying all clothing into knots to change an outfit up and i think this one works really well, the skirt is an old Gap skirt picked up cheap from the Gap Outlet with an elasticated waist again you guys know i’m all about comfort rather than style! The top is actually part of a pyjama set my ma got me from Primark, sunnys the boys got me from one  of my favourites Cheap Monday the suede sliders are from New Look and at the moment don’t leave my feet, you know i have limited shoes so these sliders and my Nike sliders are the only summer shoes in our house! 🙂

Someone else wanted to have their photo taken, like mother like son 💕

I’m trying really hard to make more of an effort to mix up existing clothes i have as i’ve put myself on a mini new clothing ban for three reasons one is our new wardrobe is more aesthetic pleasing and less pratical, two so many clothes are wasted every year and its just complete craziness and three i’ve been reading more and more about the minimalist route (one blog post i read recently was to have just 10 items including handbag/ shoes to last you a month! to me this sounds so cool but everyone else i’ve mentioned it to thinks i’m crazy!) i’d like to find some time and try and plan a months worth of outfits out to make this work the only thing is i think it might be tricky getting the balance between work and home with just ten items! this is my current wardrobe set up (the colours have brightened up a bit since i took this 😉 ) the rest of my clothes are folded as neatly as possible in a chest of drawers.

So what do you think – do you have way to many clothes? could you go more minimalist?


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