work lookbook part iii

I’m back with another work look, this one was actually pretty out of my comfort zone, I think I’ve pulled it off okay but I wasn’t sure but once I’ve walked out that front door I’m kinda committed to it! I absolutely love these trousers I picked up from Asos, I’m not going to recommend them though seeing as the seems come undone on them last week after only a couple of wears (they’ve gone back to Asos today for a hopeful refund) my favourite t-shirt ever which is starting to take a hit with being in the wash over the years but hopefully it’ll hang in there for a couple more years! And my Juneys vintage Marks and Spencer denim shirt, surely everyone owns a denim shirt? But not necessarily one their beloved nan used to wear! So whilst it took me a fair bit of pushing forward to wear this outfit I won’t be wearing it again as the trousers wasn’t to be ;(

I wish I was more confident in what I wear but I’m really not, I’m quite safe playing and uncolourful but I’m hoping to mix things up more and more with my current wardrobe. I won’t be adding to my wardrobe much over the next 6 months mainly because our wardrobe is now a very minimalist style and also because we’re just about to get our windows done so the reality of having money for clothes is pretty slim.

The lovely Hannah continues to not be bored of taking my photos or letting me borrow her lipstick collection, I’m 100% sure she can pull them off way better than me 😉 I’ve always wanted to get into lipsticks I’m just not sure I can be bothered to keep applying them all the time ….


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