so i’ve changed my menu around a little and theres a new heading especially for WIW (what i’m wearing) which i hope you enjoy! i have two new headers i’m working on at the moment too which i’m excited to share with you soon!

It’s Monday it’s my second week back at work & then can only mean one thing …. a new work outfit post 😍

Okay so technically I haven’t worn this to work just yet as it’s still to cold for bare legs right now! But this outfit will be on repeat from Spring onwards!

I absolutely love long sleeve tees & I’ve decided I don’t have half as many as I’d like (I have about five) task for this week: find some long sleeve tees. This one I adore adore adore! It’s from Mere Souer & I just can’t wear it enough! I love all of Carries collections but MumClub just stole my heart ❣

I’ve teamed it with my trusty £6 Next bargain skirt which is just so easy to style up all down! I’m saving up for some converse at the moment & think it’d look great teamed with them & a stripey tee 😍

This week ahead we don’t have much planned, we spoke about a trip to Bristol at the weekend (WM is working on something which lead to Bristol) but I think we decided against it, we’re still adapting to our new routine but so far so well, everyone has surprised me myself included! We’re waiting for our new bookcase to arrive (top tip: don’t buy from Wayfair unless you want to be waiting a month for delivery 🙄) we might start decorating one of the many rooms we have left to do 💁🏼 or we might sack it off in favour of watching Breaking Bad for the second time!

have a good week 💋


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