Hi Monday ✨
not so gloomy with my new checkered wrap skirt I picked up in the Topshop sale for £20 using my birthday pennies!
I absolutely adore this skirt, the pattern, the style, the colours of the pattern, how it looks, how it brings my waist in. But what I don’t like is how revealing it can be at times due to the split and the shape of the skirt & I think I might be a bit to self conscious in it to keep it! I’m not sure I haven’t decided whether it’s staying in my wardrobe or not ….
But as I love it just so much I had to share it with you & WM did amazing on taking these photos so had to document them as he did so well! Literally lost without him, he knows my photos to a tee now & it literally takes seconds & I have a whole load of photos I can use 😍 he’s the best!
Hope you all have a good week I’m hoping for a calm one 🙈 only three days in and got myself a long weekend off, already I know I’ve just had two weeks off but the amount of holiday I have this year is totally insane!!

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