I’m still here i’m just struggling to get on here and write, i’m tired and summers gone so everything seems harder right! i’m focussing hard on Christmas for the boys – i mainly just want to have it all done so when December creeps up i’m not stressed out because we all get stressed out at Christmas right? apart from WM who i think i’ve only seen stressed twice in our whole relationship, men are unreal right!

so the other day i went shopping for some new cycling gloves for WM and whilst i picked them up i also wandered into Gap and found these pants and they somehow made it home …. now i know i mentioned not buying clothes but in my defence i have no work clothes especially seeing as i wasn’t at work this time last year as i was on maternity leave 😢 and the winter before i was pregnant so technically i haven’t worn winter clothes for three years! and the jeans are limited and cause me so much discomfort sat in them allll day sometimes!

I love the pattern on these trousers, although looking at the photos WM has taken they look a tad like pyjamas which worries me! you can get similar styles in Primark which i’ve tried on but A i find their cuts so hit and miss and the items i tried on were definitely a miss and B the material is quite see through and i’ve been there and done those days! these ones are good quality and should be at £44.99 outlet price, i didn’t pay that i mean who pays that on one pair of trousers! the next part that draw me in was the elastic waist, can i get a hallelujah! elastic waists are life! 💚

i got this in a size smaller than my normal jean size so even more winning! i’ve been trying to eat less carbs and you can definitely notice a difference in clothes and how i feel, some days i feel so uncomfortable, its that battle between most things are carbs, carbs are easy and tasty but boy do i feel bad some days and i don’t want this feeling anymore!

so tell me do these look like pyjama pants to you? i walked into the lounge with them on and WM didn’t say anything but he did half laugh

shop my t-shirt: here

and pants: here

i’ll be back soon with more outfit posts of clothing i probably shouldn’t be buying! 😉


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