what we’ve been watching lately according to Netflix

lately as in the last eight months maybe so this might be a long one 😉

pretty little liars 8/10

as much as I loved this and was addicted to it looking back the story is a bit random at times, the main thing that kept me glued was hanna and Caleb 🥰 love them together!

13 reasons why season three 9/10

i wasn’t expecting it to be that great but it was my favourite season yet, the best season! I didn’t re-watch one and two because it’s quite a commitment to rewatch two whole seasons but honestly I didn’t need to. So good!


Atypical 6/10

the story is good and the acting is really good, just didn’t hook me, I really like Casey and I liked how you got to see the parents life as well – always interesting to watch how other families might be 😉

Sex Education both seasons 9/10

i binged watched in like two weeks I couldn’t stop it was so good, love all the actors and the story so good! I wish I’d got into it sooner and now have to wait  for the next season ;(

A Star is Born (cheating as it’s Nowtv) 10/10

so I purposely didn’t watch this as everyone was going on about it and I thought I’d hate it but I absolutely loved it, I cried a lot, I loved the actors, I wish it didn’t end how it did ;( can’t bring myself to watch it again even six months later as I found it sad ;(

John Wick 3 8/10

cheating again as we rented this from amazon but it is now on Netflix 👌 love Keanu ever since seeing him in Matrix I adore his voice!! The film is far fetched these types of films are but still I go towards them

Virgin River 9/10

another one I was addicted too – I think I finished the first season in a week and half, waiting patiently for second season which rumours are end of this year! I’m thinking I might read the book between now and then. Jack is also quite handsome and him and Mel look really good together 😍


Friday night dinner 10/10

i hadn’t heard of this until a friends boyfriend was watching it and it made me rewatch the inbetweeners films and then I thought I’d give it a go not really expecting to like it but I LOVED it! It was one of the best things I’ve watched in a loooong time! So seasons 1-3 are on Netflix and I thought that was all but then I found seasons 4 and 5 on channel four 👌🏽

Let it snow  6/10

Christmas film based on a series of different relationships so maybe similar to love actually which I’ve watched once and didn’t see the hype 🤷‍♀️ but I think this is really similar – I prefer the actors in this one!

the kissing booth 9/10

i’ve watched this a couple of times, I love a love story, wm always makes fun of me because of it and also I love joey king – I’ve just read there’s a kissing booth 2 🙂

only you 6/10

another love film but with a twist that I’m still deciding what I thought of it – I wouldn’t watch it again but it was okay – it’s quite a personal journey so might not be for everyone

The society 7/10

season one I completed quickly and now a long wait for season two …. I enjoyed it and be interested to see where season two goes, a group of teenagers who’ve potentially been left behind in their home town or so they think and they have to fend for themselves and pull together or not.

Fractured 5/10

a twisted story that for me being a wimp probably wasn’t a good idea to watch, I wouldn’t even know how to describe it other than a twisted end that I didn’t see coming – I do like the main guy actor which drew us to the film

The last summer 6/10

after giving up on river dale and one of the main characters being in this and it being a love film I obviously went for it! I watched it in summer maybe so the storyline is bit hazy but I generally liked it

after 8.5/10

Shock another love story, the guy in it is inviting his voice and appearance draws you in until you realise he was in Harry Potter as the child of Tom riddle! University setting of a love film with a troubled lad and a good girl

Tiny house nation 7/10

was slightly addicted to this at the beginning of summer – haven’t watched any for while wm couldn’t be doing with it so we went onto something else

Also worth mentioned I’ve watched the second seasons of ‘The Rain’ ,’Elite’ and ‘Baby’ which I think I’ve mentioned in a previous post.





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