What we’ve been watching 📺

You – stalker/ killer vibe thriller (for any GG fans Dan is the lead character) I must admit that I nearly gave up on it as I just wasn’t feeling it but after a couple of episodes I felt I had invested in it so saw it through (Netflix)


Baby – Italian high school setting with drugs and child …. I really enjoyed this and although it’s been slated slightly because of the prostitution part I didn’t find this half as bad as they made out. (Netflix)

Ozark – WM loves this, like so much, me I fell asleep the first episode and then again on the second episode so I gave up. (Netflix)

Jurassic Park – the fallen kingdom – we rented this, I think we’re a bit behind on the renting, we enjoyed it mainly because I fancy Chris a little bit 😉 but I didn’t think it was a good as the previous one. (Sky Store)

Rampage – now I’m really not a fan of The Rock so we nearly didn’t watch it but I must say it was quite good, I did google if George dies as if he did I wouldn’t of watched it, I’m not good with animals dying in films! Worth a watch (Sky Movies)

Maze Runner – The Death Cure – my favourite film we’ve watched recently, I must say we nearly didn’t watch it as the second film was a bit yawn but the third one is gooood! Definitely worth watching 🙂 (Sky Movies)

The Circle –  I happened to stumble across this movie and thought I’d give it a  go, it’s about the future and how far you can push technology to the point it kills someone. Again it was okay. Kinda interesting to see how in future generations technology might play a part. (Netflix)



Birdbox – now I haven’t watched this, it’s too much for me, anything with kids in danger I can’t do, WM says it’s alright. Since having the kids I’m such a baby and have to restrict what I watch 😉



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