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The OA – Netflix – Two Seasons

One night I was searching and searching for something to watch, I can’t just watch anything, I came across this and I love one of the characters in it from another show I watch so this is the reason I started this one. In a nutshell it’s about a Russian girl her childhood and how she goes missing, comes back and is now longer blind and a scientist who keeps people hostage and five people who have had a near death experience and came back to life. It’s really out there but also quite intriguing, WM watched one episode with me and I could see him thinking what the heck is this. I happened to stumble across season one and then season two was just released but apparently I read there was a 2.5 year gap between the two seasons.

Riverdale – Netflix – Three Seasons

I stumbled across this on Netflix and gave it a go, parts of it really keep me engaged other parts I question why I’m watching it. I happened to stumble across this at the right time also as season three was just being released as I finished season two! What’s it about, an American high school, a rich family and a poor gang, a killer and a game that kills people. I question how these teenagers ever get through high school as their life’s outside of high school are full on crazy! There are a couple of points where it breaks into a singing dancing musical which I’m not really down with.

Great British Menu

This programme makes me feel all nostalgic – when Ridley was first born we tried to introduce bedtime/ dark time from an early age (we didn’t do this with Rue and learnt from it 😉 ) and so every night for a good 4 months I’d put Ridley to bed at 6/630pm downstairs then I’d watch this with subtitles on and no sound and then I’d nap and wake up at 10pm do his bottle, WM would come down and collect his bassinet and take it up for me then Ridley and I would go to bed. So this programme reminds me of those wonderful wonderful  days. WM and I are both watching this together at the moment.

Quicksand – Netflix – One Season

I’ve just finished this this week, I kind of binged on it. WM wouldn’t watch it with me because it’s not in English but with subtitles and he hates these types of programmes (apart from one programme) its only one season and I don’t think they’re going to bring out another one. A teenage girl meets a rich teenage boy, he’s bad and turns her bad and then he kills people and she kills him & faces murder.


Elite – Netflix – One Season

Another non English speaking programme, which WM would hate, they have English translation which doesn’t match the subtitles and the mouths are all out of sync 😉 another high school rich people poor people story, I’m waiting for season two as someone died in season one and the wrong person got put away and so someone needs to come forward in season two hopefully!

We gave up on Stranger Things – we watched a fair few and then gave up we just weren’t following along anymore & we’ve just finished the last of the Walking Dead – this first part of the season was actually pretty engaging, sometimes programmes dry up after a couple of seasons and TWD has definitely seen these moments but this season was actually really good and I was on the edge of my seat a lot, it’s not hard I’m a huge Daryl fan 😉



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