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Lately we’ve been trying to make more of an effort to watch films on the very few nights WM isn’t working 💁 he sometimes watches a film late at night when i’m in bed as he’s more hardcore than me! so films we’ve watched lately and our verdict

  1. John Wick 1 & 2 – okay so 1 has been out a while and 2 is more recent but i like to rewatch the first film so i can remember it more than my old brain does! Such good films really recommend them plus there will be a John Wick 3 😉
  2. Girl with all the gifts – is about a gifted young girl living in a camp of child they test on as outside there’s some disease, its not too much to watch i’m a real baby in so many ways but this was fine
  3. Gifted – if you watch any film watch this one, i cried a lot and i begged WM to watch it again with me as he didn’t watch it the first time but obviously he declined as its definitely a tear jerker! but such an amazing film!
  4. Baby driver – about a young lad who does driving for criminals and can’t get out of the lifestyle and meets a girl. I was really impressed with this one and would happier watch it again (although i am a huge film re-watcher!) plus Jon Bernthal is it in (thats how WM sold it too me but forgot to say he’s only in it for 10 mins!) i love Jon & his films!
  5. Passengers – so i’ve watched this twice, mainly because i love certain love storyline films, because i love Jennifer Lawrence & Chris Pratt – basically watch it its amazing!
  6. Shot Caller – heads up Jon Bernthal is in this too, for slightly longer before he dies again, about a well to do man whose involved in a car accident and ends up in prison and his life is literally turnt upside down. There was a few bits i couldn’t watch i’m definitely not into violence so i just look away at those bits!
  7. The Infiltrator – a film set back in the day around drugs and old style gangs – main reason i watched it was for Walter White from BB and he didn’t disappoint in a film setting, really good film.

We’re also big keen box setters over here – we never watch normal TV of an evening, does anyone who has kids watch actual live TV? If so how, as you have to be up to date like allll the time which isn’t possible right ….

I’ve mentioned before our love of Now TV we absolutely love it & definitely get our money’s worth, movies is £10 a month and entertainment I think is £8 a month, so much cheaper than Sky TV, although I’m really lucky that WM hates all sports so we eliminate that cost right away 😉 I thought I’d share some of our favourite box sets that we’ve watched over a fair few years, not in any particular order

  1. The Walking Dead – oh my god I can’t tell you how much I LOVE this show! I’ve watched it from start to end about five times, yes I know a bit much but man I just love it, I did think it’s kind of coming to the end of its life and would say the first series (1-4) are the best. Daryl just all day everyday love him! Favourite moments Rick being reunited with his family, the farm time, Glenn & Maggie, Abraham!, Carol & Daryl reunited, Rick & Daryl reunited, Judith being reunited with Rick, Hershel & Eugene screwing over Negan. just the biggest fan over here!
  2. Breaking Bad – we watched this when it first came out before the babies and we’ve just finished watching it again from the beginning, we started in January. I love Jesse he’s a babe and Walt plays an amazing part, really interesting a gripping storyline about a teacher and his student cooking drugs and the teacher then dying of cancer and turning into a drug dealer and killing people. watch it/ i’m sure nearly everyone has but you never know.
  3. Lost – I think most people have watched some of Lost but maybe not all of it, we watched it from start to end years ago and although we didn’t give up on it I’m not sure I’d watch it again now, it’s very long & the ending was pretty naff.
  4. Gomarroah – you need to watch this! It’s unreal – it’s basically an Italian mafia drug programme, all in Italian with subtitles (I’ve had a love for subtitles since I was a kid so I’m in my element) it’s the best and its just returned for a third season where one of the main characters die which always makes it harder for viewers, i think their doing another season but who knows what it’ll be like now. WM and I compete to see who can remember all of the names and try and do them in an Italian accent 😉
  5. The Sopranos – another must watch and if not who even are you if you haven’t watched Sopranos … WM watched this many moons ago when everything was on VHS and then we watched it together maybe last year – we started watching it together couple of years ago and then had Rue and didn’t carry on. Tony is just fab & I really enjoy watching him play his part 🙂
  6. The Rain – is a one season programme on Netflix which isn’t set in England and its translated so the words don’t always go with their lips (WM couldn’t watch it because of this, he watched literally 5 seconds!) but i got past it and found it really interesting, about something in the rain that kills you if it touches you so its how do you survive?
  7. The Tunnel is a really good crime detective french/ english programme with three seasons, i’ve only watched season one and two so three is on my watch list but if your into crime detective its probably the best out there right now
  8. Girl Boss – i’ve just finished watching this and i did it in a couple of nights as the episodes are only 30 minutes long so really easy to watch! i really like the main character she really drew me in, its the story of how Nasty Gal started which if your into that style of life is a good watch.
  9. The Charlotte Show – okay so two things before you judge, surely we all have some different TV we watch (i also watch ex on the beach 😉 ) plus i love Charlotte. i wasn’t drawn in by the adverts so i didn’t bother watching it then one night i put it on just because i wasn’t in the midst of watching anything and i was gripped right away, mainly for the love story with her & Josh, see i’m a sucker for love stories! it was really good and i’m hoping she has a second season! theres no way on earth WM would watch this with me 😉

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