What I’ve been watching lately 📺

Prison Break – oh my goodness oh my goodness, yes I am years and years behind but we both finally start prison break a few months back and we’ve just finished it! I saw we WM gave up at the end of season four and you know what I kinda don’t blame him, sometimes they drag shows on and there isn’t really a need but I still commit to the end 😊 love it so much, might watch it again soon, as with most shows season one is by far the best and it does slowly deteriorate but still was very very good and was nice to have a chunky boxset to get into!

Trinkets – I’ve just binged watched this in like two weeks, which probably doesn’t count as a binge but probably does if you factor in I’m a mum and can’t just binge watch tv anytime 😉 this was a super easy watch and the eposides was 30 minutes long so even better! I really enjoyed it, there’s only two seasons so even easier to get through

Baby season three – again the final season which is sad, I’ve really enjoyed watching Baby over the last year but maybe it’s a good thing they didn’t drag it out!

The American murderer next door – I don’t recommend watching this, or at least if your parent or are easily upset by people being awful human beings. I feel for the families who affected by this guys actions, no child deserves to be hurt ever!


6 underground – I am so not a Ryan Reynolds fan in the slightest but despite this the film  was still very good, the maker of transformers made it and you could see the similarities! I think that’s what made the film so good, I think it’s quite a long one but a worth while watch!


amazing film love all the actors, they all work so well together – love Jon from walking dead! A really good watch – it’s a longer one but has to be because of the story

currently watching

  1. grand army on netflix
  2. george clarkson ugly house to beautiful house
  3. bake off
  4. 8 out of 10 cats



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