What do you wear to work?

I’m constantly trying to plan my work outfits around what my day looks like (meeting vs desk time) i find the longer i sit down at my desk the more chance i have of my IBS playing up, or if i’m on my feet a lot to and from meetings up and down stairs to see speak to people i’ll try and tailor my outfit according,  mainly just so i’m comfortable! plus i don’t always get round to washing everything and getting it dry in time and sometimes our office is freezing so layers are always needed!

the other day i had a complete mind blank and could not find anything or put anything together and then i pulled this out and went with it – i must admit its completely out of my comfort zone, don’t ask me why, i think its the style & puffiness of the skirt but i put it on and left the house.

i did panic that i looked like a Christmas tree – don’t ask why i just thought i did, a quick panic email to Han ‘um where are you – i think i look like a Christmas tree ….. // if you like my outfit can you snap me later please ;)’  she assured me i didn’t!

so the skirt i picked up from a Next clearance store for £6 (thanks for the tip Han 😘) and the topshop shirt was given to me by a friend (thanks Jess 😘) and theres my outfit for a total of £6 🙌

i think you could totally style this skirt for summery days without the tights so hopefully i’ll be able to try this soon!

shall i do more work outfits on a budget 😉

thanks Han for taking my photos!


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