what we’ve been eating lately

so recently i mentioned that i’d be sharing more of what our little family of four eats/ makes/ has on their to try list.

Time is crucial for us although we are super lucky that WM finishes work at 4pm time soon slips away with you and before you know it its 6 o’clock and we’ve got to bath the boys and start bedtime routine. So here’s some quick recipes we’ve been loving lately

1. Veggie rice bowl | tender stem broccoli, red pepper, quorn chicken, rice, frozen peas, sesame seeds, spring onions, soy sauce, sweet chilli sauce, red chilli and a garlic clove …. it was delicious and there was even some left over for my lunch the next day!

2. Mary Berrys Melanzane Pasta || aubergines, dried lasagne sheets, butter, plain flour, milk, dijon mustard, garlic cloves, chopped tomatos, passata and basil – this is so easy to make and even better you can make it in the morning or then night before in preparation for tea time! Recipe can be found here


















photo credit: pinterest

3. Spinach, beans & baked eggs || spinach, tin of beans, cherry tomatoes, eggs and seasoning  – i spotted this recipe on instagram & as Rue’s a lover of beans i thought this would be perfect, its quick and fairly healthy although i so didn’t realise the amount of sugar in beans ;( WM moaned about it and said it would be like slop but he took it back after!


4. deconstructed fajitas || baby potatos, quorn chicken, peppers, baby corn, halloumi, cucumber, tomato, spring onion, red onion – we have this a lot, its easy/ yummy/and fairly good for you! even though the potatoes count as your carbs i still find it less heavy then fajitas in wraps

5. Open veggie lasagne || spinach, basil, 2 courgettes, pesto, fresh pasta, pine nuts and ricotta – so we’ve only had this once as it turned out a bit naff because i didn’t buy fresh pasta (always follow the instructions & don’t skimp like i do) but the flavour was still amazing! we have it again for dinner tonight but i opted for wholewheat spagetthi as its better for you & we can’t tell the difference. one major plus is this is ready in just 20 minutes 🙂


















photo credit: pinterest

hopefully some of these tickle your tastebuds, i’d love to hear if you try them/ like them!


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