Weekend trip to the Aquarium

Conversation was happening about when we’re going to actually go to the Aquarium (anyone else struggle with trying to fit family time in with wider family time with working etc etc etc 🙁 ) so I suggested the four of us go, normally we’re really fussy about doing day trips out without it being just us but I mentioned Gracey coming along and it was a straight yes from everyone! She is 100% part of our lifes and therefore there was no question about it, plus she is absolutely amazing with baba and he idolises her, photos to show 😛


We had such a lovely day and the weather was super. I was slightly disappointed with the Aquarium it’s self, this is the second one I’ve been too (we also went to London Aquarium before Rue) and that wasn’t up there on matching my expectations. It’s a shame because I always get there and i’m so excited but in reality it’s not met my expectations. I just found there wasn’t an awful lot to see and we spent the majority of our time at one of the two indoor/outdoor viewing platforms that Rue was happily running up and down for ages whilst I got to catch up with GB, thanks Papa for watching bab. From what I can remember there wasn’t baby changing on the way round either so papa changed him somehow in the toilet without any changing facilities, similar thing happened to me the previous week in Cafe Nero.

As we finished the Aquarium much earlier than I had anticipated we took a stroll around the docks and nattered along the way, it was lovely to get some fresh air with good company.

Thank you for a lovely day GB and for being so fab!! We love you <3



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