weekend attire

i’m back so soon πŸ˜‰ only because i wanted to share these new jeans i picked up from Primark (Β£15) with you. now 50% of me adores them and the other 50% isn’t sure/ can i pull the wide leg off or does it make me look fatter ….

either way i’m pretty sure i’m keeping them and hoping to wear them a fair bit during September and October, i am so not a light denim girl so these are my first pair (i broke the no buying rule!) which is maybe what i’m struggling to adjust too, i’m a creature of colour comfort in clothes! jeans are like the hardest thing to buy as they need to be comfortable and flex and so many don’t and it doesn’t help my waist it like an 8 and my ass isΒ so not an 8 so buying sizes is really hard as you end up with that excess baggy jean material, ma you know what i’m on about πŸ˜‰

i teamed the jeans with this New Look wrap tie blouse which was a present for my birthday last year and i’m still adoring it, i works so well and is just timeless. so tell me what do you think of wide leg jeans and light denim?



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