Wales 2018 – accomodation

So the Airbnb app can be a bit tempting and before you’ve known it you’ve booked four breaks away, the book now pay half now half later is also a bit tempting although by the second payment comes i’m like shit we kinda don’t have it!

Anyway i’ve been keen to visit Wales for a while but without delving right into Wales which is roughly a 3 hour drive from here which is just a tad much with the kids, personally. So i came across the Donkey Shed in Monmouth which was just across the bridge so was perfect commute wise.

We arrived on the Monday to be greeted by Catherine and she was so lovely! Their shed was just crazy beautiful, the photos are amazing on the Airbnb website but in person is even better! link HERE to their page. Plenty of parking for two cars and the views are just breathtaking! i mean we were really lucky and arrived in a super sunny week and you could see for miles – it was so refreshing to be out in the country and to breathe (where we could with two crazy heat fuelled kids!)

The house is kitted out so much for babies and kids, theres two bedrooms, one of which is bunk beds and can also accommodate a travel cot (which we used for Ridley, his first time in a travel cot!). Theres two boxes of toys for the kids under the bunk beds and bean bags, kids cutlery and cups, highchair, dark room blinds, DVD’s and even bath toys! everything you could think of they had which helps make a trip away easier, oh and a stair gate!

For adults there was books, DVDs, ale on arrival and an excellent ‘whats on in the local area’ which was full of information.

Outside seating directly by the front door is where we’d sit and have breakfast and then theres a picnic bench behind the shed where we had dinner and behind that up high was a double bench where i went to sit alone if i needed five minutes time out!

Location wise its a bit out in the sticks which wasn’t the best for us as it involved going out in the car to get anywhere which with Rue is fine but Ridley was a bit tricker, the nearest supermarket was roughly 20-30 minutes away. It took us a good 20 minutes to find it as its quite rural, or maybe we’re just proper city people. Its funny we’ve been talking about the next place we’d like to live and originally i thought something a bit on the out skirts would work for us but nope definitely not! 😉

there wasn’t a huge amount of windows that opened so at times it did feel unbearing with the heat but it was just one of those things.

I would say this would be a perfect place with a baby or older kids, Rue was absolutely fine but Ridley was a bit harder work, maybe just his age and we struggled to entertain him safely, although i don’t think the heat helped anyone!

But just look at these views 😍 we spoke to Hugh when we left and he’s currently extending the property to accommodate more people and it would be a truly amazing family vacation!


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