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So as some of you might have seen on my insta stories I finally got round to picking up a pair of Dr Martens – yay! I’ve been after a pair for a long time but the price always put me off/ it never seemed a good time to part with £90 odd quid! But Office had a really good Black Friday offer on of 20% off and free delivery so I went for it (with the secret hope that i’d get some money for Christmas to pay for them). I alsolutely love them and so pleased I finally got round to purchasing them, granted their not everyones couple of tea but then i’m not everyone i like to be different from the rest 🙂

So I dragged papa and rue out with the camera and our new lens attachment to take some snaps – admittedly Rue is so used to being in photos he’s in the majority/ I might of cropped him out of a few 😉 anyone else struggle to get a photo by themselves in the pose they want without their toddler getting in on it ha!




Outfit details:

Trench coat: Asos (sold out)

Hat: Herschels (via Asos)

Jeans: Asos Maternity (here – life saver!)

Jumper: Topshop (similar here)

Dr Martens: Office


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