Yay we finally made it back to see the wind turbines up at the farm! i’ve been wanting to go for so long but other stuff always gets in the way etc, the last time we went i was seven months pregnant with Rue so a long time ago! post here

we did worry Rue would be bored as theres nothing to do there really so thats another reason why we’ve been putting it off but he loved it! he didn’t want to leave – we managed to tempt him with lunch & ice cream in the end 😉

it was so lovely to get outside in the fresh air and have so much space all to our selves – it was bliss! we’ll definitely be going back again – probably when Ridley’s older so he can join in.




had to share this one of life with a toddler during potty training 😉 can’t recommend a travel potty enough! ours was a present but you can pick one up here.



if your local to us i really recommend going to see the wind turbines – was such a lovely morning!

all photos taken using our Sony A5000 camera and we used a tripod to take 90% of the above images and used the 10 second self timer, normally i’d use the app on my phone to line the shot up before taking it but today we winged it abit and i’m in love with a l l of the photos!


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