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Happy Monday and new week 💋

i’m hoping for a nice easy-ish week (thats because easy weeks don’t really exist over here!) but i’m hoping for one that feels better, work has been really full on lately and i’m constantly A knackered and B chasing my tail and i hate both those feelings! its been getting to me a bit but i luckily have WM by my side who is the best human being on the planet.

i recently shared the documentary i watched on netflix last month ( The True Cost) go watch it if you haven’t! thank you thank you to everyone who messaged me asking more & for everyone who showed an interest! It’s all about fashion, fast fashion 😒 and the conditions of work places that people who make most of our clothes work in. I’m planning on doing a post about places you can shop who try to improve working conditions for these people. but i haven’t got very far – its quite hard trying to find brands who are trying to make a difference and who aren’t just causing mayhem by bringing out clothes quicker than we’ve ever experienced.

I hands up haven’t realised until now what my buying has contributed too and in all honestly have gone to some of the cheaper places especially for the kids clothes when we’re not planning on them lasting (mainly for Rue for school) and i’m not sure how i’d stretch to afford higher priced but more sustainable clothing. One way of helping is to buy second hand clothes, so we’ve had a few bits that were second hand for Rue which Ridleys worn now which is third hand, which makes me so happy as we all know that kids clothing can be the worst, as there tends to be so much they don’t always get to wear things. Our dear friend Amy has also just given us a big stack of clothes for Ridley that are second hand which has meant i haven’t had to buy new – thank you lovely!💙

my work outfit last week consisted of my shoes from Tesco which WM brought me in 2012 😉 still going strong, they live under my desk at work so classed as work shoes, the dress is by Monki second hand from eBay for £2 which i’ve had a couple of years and my top was a birthday present that i’ve lived in since i received it! i tied a knot in it so i could wear it over the dress to add a different style to an existing outfit.

so my question to you is can you mix up and style your clothing differently to avoid buying new?



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