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It’s here, it’s finally here – after seeing the venue a short seventeen months ago her big day is now here. All of a sudden i feel i’ve blinked and missed the build up and i’ve blinked and it’s all over! i want to do it all again (without my lovely adorable toddler in tow) and enjoy it properly without worrying if his overflowing nappy is about to leak onto my bridesmaid dress during the ceremony 🙁 attending a wedding with a toddler i can’t say was hugely enjoyable 10 hours of trying to entertain him in a Manor House and stop him from breaking stuff was at times stressful but we survived and come bedtime he was asleep within 2 minutes …. bliss!

The day was absolutely amazing and i’m so pleased we got to be part of it and a huge part of it, it’s not ever day KJR gets married ohh i’m going to have to start calling you KJRS now 😉 i tried to take as many photos as i could so i could remember everything but sometimes whipping my phone out wasn’t always an option. The house is s p e c t u l a r & the most beautiful place to get married, we was so lucky with the weather with mainly beautiful sunshine allll day – we had a few very short showers but nothing that prevented going outside for photos. i am so excited to see the profession photos eek! i’ve seen some lovely snaps of Rue kissing the bride which i’m super excited about! 🙂

The service, the presentation, the food was just exceptional – we had breakfast in the room whilst we all had our hair down which was delicious and so chilled, even though we was getting ready/ chilling for five hours it went so quick! i was up and down the stairs like a yo yo checking on little one and bringing him up to the room to give papa a break. It was only the last ten minutes that felt rushed for me personal but that’s because rue wasn’t dressed and i had finished the details on my dress then it was a case of walking down the massive stair case to stand in line for us bridesmaids to walk down the alter with the beautiful bride behind us 🙂 the ceremony was beautiful and i think there’s nothing better than watching two people in love marry each other, i smiled the whole time apart from when i thought there was going to be a nappy leak 😐 after the ceremony it was photo/ canapé & mingling time, the vegetarians had their own canapés which was a lovely touch! Next it was dinner time and we was fortunate enough to be sat by the top table so we could see the newly wed couple, the finishing touches on the tables was lovely, little glass hearts with ‘Mr & Mrs Richman Smith’ engraved on them, individual menus printed for each person and the cutest little box for rue containing crayons & bubbles to keep him occupied. Dinner for us vegetarians was homemade focaccia bread with homemade butter as a pre-starter (this was a m a z i n g) sourdough bread topped with onion marmalade, spinach & mushrooms and then we had peppers stuffed with mediterranean vegetables and topped with mozzarella on a bed of lentils and dessert was a trio of chocolate mousse, passionfruit sorbet & raspberry & cream tart (it was so good i had two plates ha!)

Papa kindly put Rue to bed whilst i spent some time with my family & the beautiful bride, evening guests started arriving and the disco started then before i knew it it was time for bed – i went to bed slightly earlier than most but it had been a long day and i was super tired.  Morning came round & rue was causing havoc so i marched him over to my mums room about 730am and marched back on my own – papa & i  then went for breakfast on our own which was just bliss, i think i’ve mentioned before eating out with rue just isn’t an enjoyable experience 90% of the time. Breakfast was to d i e for and i could of easily been full on the continental options but i opted for a full breakfast also but i couldn’t manage it all.

I’ve popped some photos below but i’m sure i’ll post a few more over the coming weeks …. 🙂



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