Two Thousand & Seventeen

. Two Thousand & Seventeen .

Goodness what a year it’s been, it’s been probably my personal best yet ever, isn’t that quite a statement 😍

Let’s start from the beginning & recap over some memories …

William & I celebrated eleven years together including our three year wedding anniversary, we went from a family of three to a family of four, our beautiful Ridley arrived into the world in April in the most amazing way & I’m so thankful for his safe & lovely arrival, we had the best summer weather & I was at home to enjoy it, Rue has come on leaps & bounds with his talking/ his maths/ everything – he’s one clever boy & we’re so proud of him, we went on our first family of four holiday & it was just perfect! we’ve visited new Trust properties which I just love to do, watching Rue & Ridleys relationship grow has just be ❤️❤️❤️❤️they love each other so much & I hope it just continues to grow, I’ve spent a lot of time on my blog & I’m so proud of how far I’ve come with it! Instagram has opened so many new friendships for me & I’m so thankful for that little app especially as it’s how my dearest mama friend & I got talking & I’m so thankful for her in my life! One of my best friends had a baby girl & my other best friend is due next month 👶🏼 papa just completely & utterly owned his allotment game this year & I couldn’t be prouder of him managing to juggle it whilst working & being the biggest family man, we’ve reduced the amount of meat being eaten in the house which I think can only be a good thing 🌱 we sold number70 in one day!! & moved to our dream home something that came as a total surprise this year & I’m so grateful!! Our baby turnt three and isn’t so much of a baby now 😢 we paid our car loan off a year early 🙌🏼🙌🏼 & finally papa finished working full time (well for a couple of years 😉)

There’s obviously been rollercoaster journeys/ stresses/ worry’s/ anxiety/ sleepless nights/ fall outs ….

A couple of thank yous starting with my mama your one amazing mama & we’re so lucky to have you thank you for always putting me first these twenty nine years & doing it alone 😘 my husband for supporting me in everything for i do, for listening to me, for feeding us all, for being laid back & calming me, for being an amazing father to our boys, for always always putting our family first & for taking nine hundred million photos of me on demand 😉 my sister for being the second half of me this year, it’s been tough for me at times recovering from surgery & moving house & normal life shit & you’ve always been there supporting me/ encouraging me/ giving me positiveness when I’m loosing my shit. for loving so hard on the boys & always on hand whenever to look after them! Finally but not last is Gowar, my complete & utter babe who gets me on a level know-one else in my life does, I honestly would be lost without you! Not only do you listen to my shit, you always support me & you always make suggestions to help, you always check if I need anything & I know you’d always help us in anyway you can! Your so amazing with the boys & your always thinking of them ❤️ your a babe & we love you!

So what does Two Thousand & Eighteen have in store for us well obviously I’m back at work next week (yawn….) I’ll be continuing to spam you with YouTube videos & house updates 😉 Ridleys first birthday isn’t far away 😢 & we may have just booked our first holiday abroad as a foursome 😍 plus a whole load of over stuff up our sleeves ❤️




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