Tredegar House 🌰

Our final instalment of our trip to Wales blog post series – admittedly i’m a bit behind, we’ve been on another vacation since which i’m now also working on writing up 😉 but i can’t not write a dedicated post to our visit to Tredegar House as it was our saviour in that tough week.

It was between Tredegar and Dyffryn Gardens, both ticked our requirements and both were similar journeys away from where we was staying roughly an hour. But Tredegar had a slight more draw in with the information on the website and it certainly didn’t disappoint.

We arrived just before 10am so the office area wasn’t open but the parklands was as there was a lot of people walking their dogs (kinda our pet hate, mainly when the dogs aren’t on leads, i am just not a dog fan well if its big-ish dog size) as we took a stroll around the estate and into the forest and spent a good 45 minutes walking round, looking for animals, picking up sticks, Ridley was eating an apple (sometimes the only thing that keeps him relatively happy in the buggy) Rue loved walking around the woods. We then headed across the vast green area to the children’s play park, this was the deal breaker when looking for somewhere to visit, it really helps if theres an area for kids! Rue loved this and was well off with papa whilst Ridley and i took it a bit slower.

By this time it was lunchtime so we headed to the little court yard and brought lunch, there was quite a lot of choice and a separate menu for kids which was surprising to see! After lunch we had a look around the shop and then i always have to go into the second hand book shop (i’m a sucker for second hand books!) we was in there quite a while as they had a little kids section/ Ridley was happy maybe because the volunteers were fussing over him/ it takes awhile to look through all the books!

After lunchtime this is when we headed to the house area, not with the intention of going into the house, the houses don’t really appeal to us right now at this lifestage 😉 Rue was provided a map with a spot the bird trail which i think was really good for him, he loves stuff like this! There was so much to look at in this part of the estate and we actually ran out of time and didn’t see it all, we planned our visit around Ridleys nap so had to leave around 2pm.

We spent a fair bit of time on the lawn area to the side of the house, mainly because it was quiet, in the shade and had garden games out for the kids! and deckchairs for the adults not that we got to sit in them 😉 but the kids were so happy here just playing and in the shade which i’m all about ✋




The gardens are so beautiful and so well kept, until Rue comes along 😉 it looked like some restoration work is underway but this didn’t affect the trip. there was plenty of parking and even parking areas for camper homes. so much space to explore and some of it is free if your not members. theres also a caravan site adjoined where you can pay to stay which is fab! the main house area and courtyard are right close to the carpark if like us sometimes you need to pop back and get extra supplies!



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