Toddler Eats …. lunch part ii

goodness it’s been forever since i’ve blogged A properly and B on what we’ve all be eating! Eating is one of the biggest parts of our days, if that makes sense! Rue has a little packed lunch at school each day so these lunches i’m sharing are mainly from the weekend which is when i’m home and quickly take a snap before he dives in, he tuts at me when i’m like ‘oh wait i just need to take a photo ;)’

first up i thing i need to mention my love for these types of plates! my ma picked this plate up & the matching cup from Whole Foods and whilst i thought it was ridiculously expensive, the plate was £10 and cup £5 we most certainly have got our use out of it – i tend to use it three times a day for Rue.

tortilla with passata & grated cheese slightly grilled, 3 x pringles, 1 kiwi & raisins

toasted wholemeal pitta with passata and cheese topped with basil leaves

mini cheese sandwiches (we have a selection of cutters & they seem to help), cucumber, mini orange, plum & some doritos

half a wrap, cheese, salami, spinach, kiwi & sweetcorn crisps

quorn chicken, cheese, reduced salt ketchup, toasted wrap & homegrown cucumber and radish and pepper

scrambled egg, halloumi, potato cubes and reduced salt beans

i love creating little plates for Rue and always try and mix it up as much as we can, we’re really lucky and he’ll eat 98% of what we give him every day! its something that gives me a good feeling it sounds weird but watching him enjoy the food we give him and ask for more really gets your heart.

I’ll thinking of doing a toddler lunchbox next time i just never get chance to take the photos & if asked WM too take them he’d laugh in my face ha! Rue has an amazing little compartment lunchbox which makes it super easy to mimic the plate concept.

Have a lovely Sunday where ever you are , whatever your doing 💋


ps its important i mention Rue always have pudding after every meal (breakfast, lunch & dinner) the pudding will vary depending on time of day, after breakfast is normally a yogurt and fruit, but sometimes i get carried away and fill this plate with a selection of afters ha!

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