Toddler Eats …. lunch ideas

my first post for toddler eats yay! so i’ll be covering the kind of things Rue has for breakfast/ lunch/ dinner/ snacks/ puddings … sounds a lot but this boy likes to eat and i’m so lucky he’s not fussy in the slightest!

i’m also hoping as time goes on to share some toddler friendly places to eat, we never take Rue out to eat (Subway & McDonalds don’t count right 😉 ) mainly because of money but also trying to keep a toddler entertained whilst ordering and waiting for food just isn’t fun for anyone and we’re not those type of parents to whack the iPad out just so we can go out to eat, don’t get me wrong we certainly use the iPad for Rue we just don’t believe it should be used in the above situation.

so first up i’m going to share some of the quick lunches i put together for Rue when i’m at home with both boys, sometimes i make them up the night before but lately i’ve been winging it and doing it on the day and its worked, sometimes Rue has a meltdown if i can’t give him lunch on demand ….

tortilla wrap strips, cheese, blueberries, dried apricots and & date bar with a side of ketchup (the reduced sugar & salt one)

salt & vinegar rice cakes with flora, raspberries, cucumber, sweetcorn crips, dried apricots and peas

ham and cheese mini wrap, dried apricots, blueberry, raisins and sweetcorn crips

sweet chilli rice cakes, spinach, cucumber, raspberry, blueberrys and cheese

strawberrys, mini open sandwiches with cheese & homegrown cucumber, homegrown peas, blueberrys & toddler banana popcorn

finger roll, reduced salt Heniz beans, cheese, homegrown cucumber & blueberries


i love love seeing other toddler plates to get inspiration so i hope you’ve enjoyed my first toddler eats post


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