the cutest of friends over here

surprised me with a lovely day out & it was so so lovely!

First of all I thought i’d share how these girls came into our lifes, Jade i’ve known for over ten years now, it all started with me sending her a message on Bebo asking her to curl my hair for WM & I’s one year anniversary. I was desperate to be friends with Jade (don’t worry she already knows this 😉 ) everyone surely has felt like this at some point right?! She’s been there by my side ever since and even though we don’t spend half as much time together as i’d like we both know this is because life is busy – pretty soon this will change as we’ll be on maternity leave at the same time eek! Rue is your biggest fan, you always make such a fuss over him & we are so thankful for this, you are going to be the best mama, your the biggest natural e v e r!

Gowar – the first time we meet Gowar was at Jades engagement party back in jeez 2013! I remember it so clearly! Again I messaged Gowar must be coming up to two years ago now on instagram as I knew she was expecting Jack and since then we’ve been pretty much inseparable. Our lifes are quite similar we both have toddler boys, we both face the same challenges, we both had babs who at some point haven’t slept well but mainly we both always put our boys first & we do everything for our little family unit. The boys absolutely love you & JJ and your the biggest support to me on a weekly basis!


I was totally spoilt and treated to a mum to be facial, shoulder and neck massage at the lovely King’s Head Hotel in Cirencester. I can’t tell you the amount of times i’ve looked on their website and gone to book something but haven’t gone through with it, so it was a very lovely surprise and something i’d definitely recommend if you know any mums to be! It’s so so beautiful there!

The sun came out in the afternoon and it was lovely to wonder the streets of Cirencester with these two and to be child free yay! We went for waffles (my first ever waffle experience!), walked along the cobbled streets, mooched around the lovely shops, my favourite being the Oxfam second hand book shop where I picked up a beautiful old Alice in Wonderland book, i’m keen to start collecting books but specific looking ones 🙂 and we chatted and chatted for hours on end.

It was a lovely day – thank you! ♥


ps forever living in my denim jacket which has sold out but similar here and my Adidas Superstars which are slip on, here.


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