Thank you xo

To my dear husband for supporting me & our boys always, that final week before Ridley was born I was so scared but you guided me through it and out the other side. You held me hand during the injections, you feed me, bathed me, lifted me & loved me. Thank you for keep our big boy entertained during your month off with us, I wouldn’t of coped half as well if you wasn’t around & able to keep rue occupied! Thank you for loving on our family so hard that you struggled those first few days with splitting your time between being with Rue and being with us at the hospital, I’ve never seen you look like you did then & even though it wasn’t the best look 😉 it was touching to see how much we all mean to you. Thank you for putting rue to bed every night so I can focus on Ridley & any preparations for the next day, it means we don’t really see each other much but hey we have forever don’t we 😘

My amazing mama – thank you for being calm, for being my support as always, for endless supplies of nappies/ food/ treats for us all, for spending the nights in hospital with us without any sleep, for helping me on and off the toilet those first few days what felt like hundred times bless you, for constantly checking my scar & assuring me, for taking a week off to be with us & help look after the boys, for praising me, for spending four hours up urgent care with me, for getting me back on my feet, for always reassuring me when I have a wobble, for spending hours searching for peonies for me! For being so incredible it’s hard to sum up & how do you ever show your appreciation for so much, after a while thank you doesn’t seem to cut it! I love you.

Rue rue – thank you for being so loving towards Ridley, for opening him into our little family so easily and for doting on him every second. Your already helping us so much with Ridley, your first to want to hold him, kiss him, feed him, burp him & your right in there to wipe his little mouth! I can’t wait to watch your relationship grow, mummy and daddy love you so much ❤️

My sweet cousin – thank you for looking after our boy whilst we was in hospital, for providing comfort to him in what was an unsettling time for him, for dedicating so much time and love to him, for going out of your way for the past seven whole weeks to pick him up and bring him home from nursery when I couldn’t, for being there when we needed you at the drop of a hat and knowing you always will be there for us, to have someone you trust looking after your boys is such a precious thing (it really is big deal as we hardly leave them with anyone!) for supporting me and worrying about me 🙂 the best and only aunty for the boys!

My auntys – thank you for taking us to get Ridleys jaundice checked over, for taking us to get Ridley registered (how lovely to do this again after doing it with Rue too!), for including Rue and buying him presents as well as Ridley, for making a fuss of rue more than Ridley so he didn’t feel left out, for offering to help us in any way! Thank you ❤️

Gowar – thank you for the uplifting & positive comments in nearly all your messages, even if I didn’t need them at that moment in time having them in my mind was just the best way to get through those tougher moments! You’ve been so sweet and always offered to pick up shopping/ nappies/ anything we need when we need & I know it won’t inconvenience you & that you generally mean it! For loving on me and the boys so much and putting such thought into our gifts! You honestly are the best & I love you.

My girlfriends – thank you thank you for being fab, for checking on me, for sending the cutest presents in the post, for the sweetest words in cards, for reminding me how quickly time goes & making me realise I need to cherish instead of getting stuck in day to day, for realising just what I’ve been through & how tough it was for me, for telling me how well I look even if I don’t ;), for liking all my baby photos allll the time, for future dates we have planned to do things together. I love you all.




  1. May 21, 2017 / 7:30 pm

    Oh you’re so cute! Sending you nothing but love and light beautiful girl! 💗✨

    • B.w.r.maguire
      May 21, 2017 / 7:55 pm

      So pleased that social media brought us together into this beautiful friendship 😘 Love you! Ps I will reply to your whatsapp soooon ❤️

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