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I finally have a new camera yay! It may have taken me like forever to pick one & then once I picked one i’d shop around for a deal & then i’d think about it for a couple of days then when i’d finally go to buy it I’d find it out of stock 😐 #tightassproblems

Papa helped me find the one we currently have, we went with a Sony, my first time with a Sony, and the model is the A5000 which you can find here.

I’m really pleased with the first initial photos we’ve taken on it, admittely we haven’t spent a lot of time reading up on how to get the best out of it or all the different functions it has yet but the flip screen makes it so much easier to take quick family selfies rather than having to hold the massive DSLR with one hand ….

So I thought i’d share a few photos from the weekend where we was out a l o t – maybe too much for a nine month pregnant mama thinking about it but these boys of mine love to be out and about, mama does for about five minutes and is then ready for a rest!

shortly before he picked up leaves with shit on but he is so so good and always tells us right away whenever he has dirty hands!

how cute does he look in my massive hat 😉

our third walk of the weekend (can you see how pale I am from over tiredness) but Rue did pick us flowers, admittedly he picked mine & gave to papa first & then decided to give back to me, papa is the favourite in our house 🙁 ….

I’m so so fussy with photos – hardly anyone can take the photos how I picture them in my head, papa is getting there & he is very patient with my constant requests for photos – thank you 💋


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