Ten things about Ridley I don’t want to forget

Next month our baby is two ……

‘nothing else to say about the above without going off on one 😉

I used to do these posts way back when with Rue and as with most things nothing stays the same,  I figured I haven’t ever done one with Ridley and now is the perfect time. So here’s ten things that Ridley does and I do not want to forget (i’d love to forget the screaming & tantrums we’re experiencing lately!)


  1. The way he criss crosses his fingers – its honestly so cute
  2. Sometimes when he’s standing watching tv he puts his hand behind his back and holds them
  3. When we have music on and he sticks one hip out and goes round in circles
  4. One of his favourite words is ‘it’s gone’ and lately he’s been adding a shoulder shrug to the sentence
  5. His obsession for leads and wooden spoons is unreal ha
  6. How much he loves having his teeth brush and constantly asks for ‘teeths’ then laughs hysterically when I’m brushing them
  7. When I dropped a chair on my foot the other day he came up to me and hugged my legs (normally if I fake cry he ignores me so I was surprised!)
  8. How excited he is to see me and try’s to tell me so much when I get in from work
  9. Ever since he was a baby he used to love looking out the window at birds and now he points and looks for them and then says biiird
  10. Slight obsession with wellies also – they go on and off his feet a lot sometimes 😉


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