T-shirt haul – Topshop

Love your self
Got your back
Good Vibes
Save the Bees
Oui non
Tee & Cake
Take a hike
Not your Baby
Maybe Baby
Power of Love
All you need is love

my first t-shirt online window shopping haul – wow Topshop didn’t disappoint, i was like okay last one i must go to bed oh no wait i’ll keep looking okay bedtime now nope still looking, i didn’t even go through them all! i need them alllll (i totally don’t its just a figure of speech) to me some of them are on the pricey side & to it’d take a lot/ a discount code for me to purchase any – but my top three would be (in no order)

  1. Save the bees
  2. I’ve got your back
  3. Take a hike (long sleeve 😍)

I definitely can’t afford to do an actual haul plus like do people even wear half the stuff they buy when they do hauls or videos i’ve seen lately ‘how much can i buy from X with £100’  to me these are crazy! // right?

so i think i’ll continue my little online window shop and share with you my favourite things ✨

& i hope you’ll follow along, all t-shirts are linked at the very top 😍



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