i t s t h e w e e k e n d ☯

& i’ve so been looking forward to this weekend for like over a year possibly even two years I know right you thinking what on earth, i’m the biggest fan of Harry Potter (well not the biggest i’m not a Harry geek but I love to watch Harry on repeat all the time & I know most of the words to the films but hey who doesn’t) so i’ve wanted to go to Harry Potter Studios way before Rue was even with us but WM wouldn’t take me – he’s anti Harry 😐 so my sweet dear cousin is taking us for a family day out to Harry and i’m so excited that the day is finally here!

I had no idea what to expect & most the time when people say how amazing things are I tend to think the exact opposite, not intentionally it just happens. But this experience was just perfect, if your a Harry fan and you haven’t been i’d definitely recommend it, even WM really enjoyed it and he won’t even watch Harry with me! Rue loved it and was so good all day, he was just always running to the next part so at times we did wander back to look at bits again.

I think the fact the experience is set up with children in mind, there was lots of seating areas along the way and toilets which is always handy, so many staff on hand to ask if you needed to, plus there’s generally so much to look at Rue walked round with his head staring at the ceiling mesmerised at every little thing.

thank you for taking us KJRS we had the best day with you so much so this morning turned to me and say ‘ki ki car’ as if to say is ki ki coming to get us again today 🙂

I thought i’d also write about Rue’s first trip to see Santa eek! So Gowar and I took the boys to see Santa in the Outlet Centre ( I did look at Trust properties first but most of these are on a weekend or miles away…) the Outlet set up was amazing and we both came away feeling so impressed by the whole thing. The grotto was inside a huge fake Christmas tree which fitted the four of us and Santa in quite snuggly,  there was a little log fire burning away which made it feel very cosy & then the best Santa I think i’ve seen, he was like what you’d expect the real Santa to look like – he was fab! Rue walked in holding my hand and said hello to Santa and then high five him and that kind of where it stops, Santa leant in for a cuddle and Rue stuck to me like glue from that moment on. Jack was a little superstar looking at Santa and watching him until again Santa went in for the cuddle and by then both of them had gone too far and we wasn’t coming back from it. As we went to leave Rue happily walked out holding my hand and waving bye to Santa and then they were both fine again, itching to open their presents from the big man.

I’d definitely like to give the Outlet one another go next year if its the same kind of set up and I think we’ll try Lacocks visit Father Christmas out as well on a weekend so papa can come 🙂

Hope you all had lovely weekends, we’re spending our Sunday eating food, cooking slow cooker meals and watching festive films ♥


My denim jacket is from New Look here

My coat is from Topshop similar here

My mother t-shirt is from Selfish Mother here (£10 from the sale of this #GoodTees design goes to WOMEN FOR WOMEN INTERNATIONAL)

My bag is from Mangos kid section here

Christmas door mat is from B&Q – bargain at £6

Our door wreath is from Rosy Lea Florist in Wroughton


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