t h e w e e k e n d

Started with a 5am wake-up call on Saturday morning but we then managed to nod back off and sleep in until 730am winning! I had the loveliest day in Bath Spa with the very wonderful Grace ♥ We catch up every other month and although I hate that it’s not more often as life gets in the way for both of us, our little get togethers always come around so quickly! We were both running so late for our train, be it from separate stations, we both nearly sent a text saying ‘can we get the next train’ but we made it! We spent most of our day either in coffee shops or sat outside chatting, very little shopping was done but that really didn’t matter as it was just so lovely to chat and explore Bath at our own slow pace.

Thank you for a lovely day GB and we look forward to seeing you again so very soon ♥


Sundays weather looked very sunny so we packed Rue’s tiny dinosaur backpack and shoved the beloved trike into the boot and headed off to the Uffington White Horse for the morning. It was slightly chilly & windy when we got there but after half an hour the sun came out and beamed down on us, thankfully as both papa & I were moaning about the wind! We love coming here, this is our third trip now with Rue (other posts here & here … WIP) not all of it is child friendly in terms of cliffs and steep hills, plus there isn’t any facilities of any sort … but we still love it & Rue absolutely loved it 🙂 we took our fancy camera and I soon filled up the memory card as I’m known to take way to many photos which all start to look the same to most people 😉


Sunday afternoon was spent in the garden playing bubbles for the best part of two hours, I honestly don’t think we heard any other words apart from ‘bubble’ for the solid two hours haha. He was so fascinated by the bubbles and also by all the insects in the garden, my boy you are such a babe.


Hope you all had a lovely weekend ♥



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