months of you!

My boy why and how are we so close to your first birthday and mama even brought your first birthday present on Friday ;( actually heartbroken how quickly this first year has gone! Its just so scary as if every year goes by this quickly you’ll be leaving home before we no it ;(

You now have two little teethy, your moving around so much, you can sit yourself up from laying on the floor, you want to be walking alllll day so papa and I take it in turns to walk round the house with you, your now eating anything and everything so we’re finally moving away from just puree led woo, you put your little arms out every evening when i put your sock gloves on as your still a scratcher where your skin is sore 🙁 you’re the happiest baba ever and boy do I love you!

the next two months are just going to fly by and I’m not sure how I’m going to cope because you’re my baby and soon you’ll be classed as a toddler 😐

We love you baby so much!♥


ps i am so behind on this post, Ridley was ten months on the seventh of February

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