Sunday evenings our my favourite

Sunday evenings in our house our normally slow and full of lots of food and love <3

Throughout the weekend I generally prepare for the looming Monday, Friday evening is always black washing night ready to get papas uniform ready for Monday, any small jobs like  changing the beds, tidying Rues room or hanging up washing is done during Saturday, Sunday is then lunch preparation for the week including a meal planner so we know what we’re having when. During Sunday I also put out any clothes for the next day so it saves faffing in the morning and then come the evening I gather all the bits for our packed lunches.

We always find time from about 4 onwards on Sunday to just spend time together and love each other.

I love these photos from when we were trying to encourage tummy time, my favourite 😉 he so little but he coming on so quickly ;(

My boys and me ♥


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