Summer Attire

Yay summer is pretty much here and I am so looking forward to making some new purchases! It’s been a long old time since I brought much, I brought about four new items whilst pregnant as I managed to reuse maternity clothes from when I was pregnant with Rue or I adapted my normal wardrobe to fit, which saved us so much money doing this as maternity clothes don’t come cheap. The few items I did purchase I plan on continuing wearing going forward as their not your typical maternity style items.

So i’m super excited to actually buy some normal clothes very soon, probably won’t be for another month or two until my body starts to go back to how it was. I have so many items in my Asos wish list, 67 to be precise, most of them are out of stock in my size which is kind of helpful 😉 it’s so hard to just pick one or two items as I love them all!

First on my list is a pair or jeans, i’m going to try out the mom jean style first and see how I get on with these, i’m not sure these are for me as I don’t do well with buttoned jeans but i’m hoping A I can pull this style off & B the button doesn’t cause a problem. I originally brought these ones from Miss Selfridge as I loved the little bits of embroidery & the price was just win win but Asos sent me the completely wrong jeans 🙁 so I ordered these ones from New Look instead …. and totally not ready to be buying jeans yet so maybe again in a couple of weeks, but these New Look ones are ♥

Plus all of these are on my list 😉


My rule is one item in then one item out, i’ve mentioned before that we have pretty limited storage (we share one normal sized wardrobe and then have two drawers each from the IKEA malm chest of drawers and thats it ….) over the years i’ve accumulated a lot of clothes and i’m gradually trying to reduce this but its so hard when fashion is ever changing 🙁 i’ve picked up four new tops recently, two are just cheap ones from Primark that are coloured to add a pop of colour to my black wardrobe, then i’ve brought two black & white tops from ebay, one I got for 99p originally from Asos and then I also finally managed to pick up this gorgeous gingham swing top from Monki (one of my favourite brands) I paid a bit more for this but i’m so happy i’ve finally got my hands on it, it first caught my eye last year.


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