Stripes f o r e v e r

i adore stripes, i have so many stripes in my wardrobe, as do the little boys! at work on Friday we used to always wear stripes as you can’t go wrong with stripes right?

so i popped into Next the other day looking for a chunky red cardigan i’d see a fellow instagrammer wearing, here, but they didn’t have my size so i moved onto looking for jeans which was unsuccessful but on the way to the changing rooms i spotted this linen skirt on the sale rack waiting to be put out and it immediately caught my eye!

it was on sale for £13 so i took it into the changing room with me and it was love the moment i put it on and i wasn’t leaving the store without it, i picked it up in a size ten which isn’t my normal size but because this is high waisted and i have a small waist it fitted perfectly!

i teamed it with a dark navy cardigan which i’m wearing back to front, i like to do this as i like how it looks, and i didn’t have any shoes that worked so it was just my sliders which don’t really work …. note to self buy Saltrock sandals next year! ♥

i’m super excited to wear this in summer next year, i really struggle with summer wear as i never feel comfortable in anything but this is the right length plus it hides areas and will highlight my small waist, plus linen is perfect for summer right?

it was super sunny the other Sunday so i popped it on whilst we headed out for a little walk, why we put Rue in his puffer jacket i’m not sure 😉

anyone else buying items for next summer, i can’t be the only one right?!


ps its still available on their website, under the clearance section, in all sizes, as its clearance i can’t put a link to it.

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