that special friday shopping spree

so every black friday i have a list as long as my arm with items i’d like, you know me i’m not one to spurge and spend money on lots of things and then even when black friday arrives i’m still really careful, put items in my basket, think about it, go back go to checkout, exit site, go back again and on and on.

i think especially so this year as i’m obviously not working i’m therefore not getting paid, i’m still on stat pay but we all know thats not exactly great. so i thought i’d share what we did end up buying, i tried to shop small where i could but some things for the kitchen you can’t shop small for!

so first up i’ll do the kitchen, i brought one thing for the kitchen which was my Joseph Joseph bowls! so i saw these a few months back and said to WM we need them (probably don’t need them but would love them) he was like yes yes, but at the time they cost like £50 so we were like no way, then when we moved house i added it to our ‘to buy list’ along with boiler, carpet, curtains etc and WM was like yeah their really bottom of the list babe ha! so when i came across a deal on Currys for £24, HERE, i just ordered them then and there, no faffing, no asking just did it and we all love them! such a bargain!

WM picked up this Tefal ingenue 4 piece set from the Designer Outlet near us, we have a huge selection of old/ mis match/ broken pots and pans and because he cooks everyday we decided to slowly upgrade our cooking selection, as when you buy your first home you don’t really splurge on these kind of products do you! anyway WM found an amazing bargain and managed to pick these up for £32.50 and the currys website their £109.99, HERE.

Shopping small so i brought from three independent shops (Grey September Store, Wonder & Rah, Papio Press)

i love all of these shops and often look at purchasing from them but money has been so tight lately with moving that it never seems a good time, two out of three of them had a Black Friday offer on and then the other one had a Saturday offer on, which i missed out on as i placed my order on Friday.

I’d seen on Grey September insta they had these gorgeous brass ring decorations, here, and i thought this would be perfect to make my own mini indoor wreath! i also managed to pick up some fake eucalyptus from the pound shop over the weekend so soon i’ll have a go at making it! plus i also picked up a gorgeous pink kids necklace for a family members christmas present, on sale too!

I adore Wonder & Rahs art work, so many times i’ve gone to purchase one but i find it so hard as art is kinda my thing and therefore i already have a lot and where do you put it all, but seeing as we’re in a much bigger home now i thought i’d finally buy one, i did question which one to purchase for a while it was between two and it took me ages to decide but finally i went with this one in A3, HERE, even though it says its children’s art i’m still planning in hanging it above our bed!

Finally Papio Press – i have so many of their gorgeous designs saved as my favourites on my Etsy page and they’ve recently launched a new pin collection, you know i love a pin!! so i picked up three items from here, i can only share one as two others are presents. but lets just say i did pick up one of their pins from their new collection & i’m so excited to give it as a present! i spent ages again, god i’m indecisive aren’t i, i kinda wanted to surprise WM with a lovely new print for our lounge feature wall that i’ve mentioned to him but i dunno if he was listening, so i didn’t want to message him and be like which one as he probably would of said you pick, so after a looong old time, like a half hour, i picked one, wasn’t my first choice but i went with one that i thought WM would like the most, i realllly wanted to get the Sloth print as i’m always calling him a sloth 😉 but thought it might be a step to far ha! so i went for this one, here.  honestly i wanted them all but again i’m already overflowing with art ha!


what did you all pick up?


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