Space Man 💫

So one of my all time favourite tees is my NASA tee which I got from tee and cake at Topshop many moons ago ( see what I did there ha) you’ll always catch me wearing it tucked into my jeans – I dunno why I tuck everything in nowadays I just know I’m pretty self conscious if I don’t tuck stuff in.

WM mentioned a Nasa tshirt he found on Urban back in October, so I quickly brought it as a surprise for him as part of his advent calendar this year & I’ve not managed to get him out of it that much – he loves it!

he joined me on this weeks tshirt club 😍 the photos aren’t the highest of quality still struggling with lighting and also adjusting to our new home lighting setup etc 😉 but I love them especially the one where I’m looking at him and he’s looking at me and pressing the shutter release 😍

heres five of my favourite space told that are currently trending 💫

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