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Recently i wrote about our trip to the Lavender fields and how we tied this in with a visit to Snowshill Manor, mainly for convenience, as i’ve never been before i ‘thought’ it was relatively small but i was completely wrong! we absolutely loved our visit and definitely rate it as near the top of our list!

Admittedly it isn’t buggy friendly and we did have the sling on us but it was so hot we decided against it and WM lifted the buggy everywhere where the steps existed, there is a lot of steps! i don’t feel we saw it all because of the buggy and steps, but we’ll definitely go back next year when hopefully steps won’t be a problem πŸ˜‰

the only other thing to note is as you entry the shop and cafe are on the right and then its a good 15 minute walk to the House/ Gardens which is okay but depending on when you arrive you could end up doubling up on your walking. The cafe however has a lot of seating and the outdoor seating is fab! we ate there and had jacket potatoes which was probably too heavy for us on a lunchtime but was really quick to be served. theres also a wooden play train next to the cafe for kids to play on πŸ™‚

theres so many little turnings and paths to go down and little houses to go into, Rue loved running around getting in the older generations way and getting on their nerves πŸ˜‰ there was the most beautiful allotment area with two or more orchards, which we didn’t properly get to see which is a shame as the produce was unreal, by this time Ridley was having a full on bloody meltdown and nothing was calming him down 😐

theres plenty of areas for a picnic – next year i think we’ll do a lot more picnics – we need to invest in a decent cool box and get our shit a bit more in order, Ridley naps so early in the morning that its hard to get everyone ready, breakfast, wash up, pack and do a picnic but next year there should be a bit more flex hopefully.

parking i can imagine is also a problem depending on what time you arrive, we arrived just past 11am and managed to park in a shady spot which really excited me, i am so old, but when we came back to the car around 2pm there was cars everywhere!! there is an overflow car park which i don’t think is massive, maybe the time of year you need to get there before lunch because we saw a lot of people who we saw at the Lavender fields then at Snowshill, therefore it might not be as bad during non lavender season.

its an hour from us and is a beautiful country drive, definitely worth a visit! website is here


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