Six months at number 15

Six months of being in our home and I can honestly say two things 1. We don’t miss our old house or even talk about it, which I’m actually really surprised about as it was our first home and we put so much into it & we brought both our babys home to it but I think in all honestly we outgrew it a long time ago but made it work because at the time it’s all we could do & 2. It kinda feels like we’ve always lived here ….

Whenever we have visitors round they always comment on how much we’ve done in a relatively short period of time, during Winter and with the kids in tow. So I’ll do a room by room update

Lounge & dining room – we’ve carperted the whole room, brought a new dining room table and bench, a new leather sofa (not out of choice but more practicable), we’ve reused our old lounge curtains at the back of the room & brought new wooden blinds for the front, we brought three individual blinds because of the structure of the bay window and their were an absolute steal from blinds2go. We’ve started to hang a couple of items on the wall but not fully until we’ve painted through out. I really really wanted the deod rail removed, half the room has it and the other half doesn’t (why would someone do that!) WM humoured me and took off a smaller section of it and theres too much difference so unless we replasterethe walls which we don’t really want to and shouldn’t as we’ve just had new carpet I’m going to have to live with it/ hate it. We had to have an new aerial put up and also BT out to do something to get our wifi to work as the people before us didn’t have a telly, weird right. Oh and our new bookcase which we really love but the service from Wayfair was pretty poor. Update: we’ve just changed the room around slightly & WM now has his own man chair and pouffe and is loving it!













work in progress



Kitchen – WM has painted it from a gone off yellow to a clean white which brightens it up but other than that we’ve done nothing. It’s a big project for sure. Oh actually WM saw’d some of the cupboard to make room for our tumble drier eeee! Update since i drafted this in my notes – the boys were eating dinner the other night and i decided to pull off some of the cupboard plastic stuff so now our kitchen cupboards are like MDF looking ….

Hallway – WM has worked really hard here, he’s removed parts of red wall paper vs some walls were red paint (again who does that!) he’s revamped it all with a clean white paint and glossed all the door frames and hallway cupboard doors. He’s also striped all the individual stairs of their carpet (we haven’t fully decided what to do with the stairs going forward, carpet seems the easiest option) he’s put up our mirror from our old hallway and reused our drinks shelf as a coat rack and it looks amazing I love it! This is a totally different set up to what we was originally going to do but we’ve been able to re-use what we already have so I think it’s a better idea! He’s installed two fisherman style lights that we brought from ikea in 2014 but didn’t fit the rooms at our old house so was sat in the loft all this time and I came home from work and he’s put them to use, this guy honestly! We brought two lovely runners from IKEA which we love and our really good value. Unfortunately i haven’t taken any photos of all the stuff above but i do have some of the amazing new banister set we have all thanks to our lovely neighbour who gave us his and also installed it for us! i’ve mentioned to him we need some help with our dodgy ass skirting in the lounge 😉



Ridleys bedroom – has been completely painted, carpeted, glossed (although we just used paint as didn’t want him sleeping in a glossed room, yes we’re those parents!) we’ve re-used our bedroom curtains, we brought a roller blackout blind on sale in B&Q and cut it to size (ball ache) and the amount of light that comes in still is annoying! Roller black out blinds don’t work due to the positioning of the blinds. We’ve re-used Rues shelfs for his little book corner, his wardrobe has been painted and carpeted, we’ve just put his little playhouse in his room and this needs to be secured to the wall & his star light was finished today yay!
















Rues bedroom – has had one coat of paint and glossed the door frame and skirting but when the carpet guys fitted his carpet they knocked so much of the gloss work that it needs retouching. He finally has curtains yay! His little room is all set up with shelfs, teepee, baskets of toys, books, tassels and his height measurement chart. Its nearly complete …













work in progress:


Our room – has been painted and has new curtains, its kinda bit of a jumble room in my eyes. Read below for how much further we have to go ….























work in progress








Main bathroom – untouched

Two downstairs bathrooms – one has been painted but is still got to go as soon as possible and the other one is currently our storage room as it should techinal be our garage.

What’s left to do ….

Lounge // dining room – the horrible deod rail needs tidying up. The walls need painting. We’re removing the back window and adding French doors.

Kitchen – the door needs to be half bricked up and the window needs removing and adding in a new bigger one. We need a whole new kitchen design as I’d like to make it less cupboard focused. We need to find space for our dishwasher once the door is blocked up. All units need up cycling hopefully instead of full on replacing. I’’d like to remove quarter of the kitchen units. We’d like a pantry cupboard. A new sink is in desperate need. And to do something with the horrible wall and floor tiles, WM has been researching how we can up cycle them to save dollar again


Hallway – need to think about what we’re doing flooring wise, I hate the tiles. We need to decide whether to leave the stairs open or close them and then whether to carpet or paint them. And then once we’re buggy less what we do with the understairs area.

Conservatory – needs removing as soon as possible I hate it. Its currently home to a shed load of rubbish we can’t get to the tip and our washing machine.

Garden – once the conservatory has gone I’d like to half grass it and the higher half have a seating area and WM’s greenhouse. WM isn’t sold on the grass area, update i’ve convinced him 😉

Guttering – all needs replacing.

Garage – needs demolishing on the inside, the horrendous conversion they did inside needs changing so we get more of garage back. UPDATE – WM has finished painting the outside of the garage and i love it! he’s recently put some trelice up to and we’re trying to grow a wisteria plant up it, fingers  crossed! oh oh and he also youtube how to take that flu out and fill it up using just a brick and some mortar cost us like £5 – honestly you guys this guy is the best guy in the whole world!



Front garden – gosh needs completely revisiting, WM has a lot of ideas so he’ll lead on it when we get to it in 2040

Rues room – needs one final coat of paint all over, the gloss work touched up, a bed (he currently has a mattress on the floor but it actually works as the kids can play in his room together and its safe) and some artwork to go on the walls, WM and I don’t normal agree on kids artwork so should be fun 😉

Our room – the ensuite needs removing (not a cheap job), the window needs replacing as its damaged, it needs carpeting we currently have random off cuts everyway. We’re working on the wardrobe over the next few months. UPDATE the wardrobe doors have left the building … but our currently sat down the side of our house. We’ve purchased what we need to turn it into what we’re thinking we just don’t have much free time right now to put it into action

Once we have the ensuite removed we can finally put our TV back up on the wall instead of living under the bed. The skirting needs glossing.

The main bathroom – needs completely gutting and redoing – theres tiles for days and I’d like to not have tiles for days.

The two downstairs bathrooms – I’d like to make into a utlity room (my best friend has the most gorgeous utility room/ cottage/ style/ vibes) I have it all in my head as you walk in and on the left is your toilet, shower area and then on the other side you have to wall cabinets (we already have these ready to go ha!) a mirror in the middle with a worktop area and sink and then your tumble drier and washing machine too. Totally copied you GB 😉

We also need new radiators at some point as ours are thirty years old now, we got a quote for them at the same time we did our boiler but we couldn’t stretch.

Finally is to fully remove ten yes t e n smoke alarms, WM has deactivated all but two but when you go to remove the full unit its tricky & damages the ceilings.

So yes do you know anyone who can work for free labour for us like forever? I’m sure once we’ve finished all this we’ll decide to move again 😉 UPDATE we’ve decided we’d really like to move in five years time, whether we do or don’t we’ll have to see.



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  1. Grace
    June 4, 2018 / 8:26 am

    Can’t believe how much you have gone in 6 months – it’s amazing! Xxx

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