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I wrote a list a couple of blog posts back about the items I wanted to invest in this time around with babs. The second time round is so much easier with the fact I know what works for us and what doesn’t, I know I don’t get on with the satchel type changing bags which lead me to explore the backpack style and lead me to this SkipHop changing backpack. This is our third SkipHop bag within the family and I really rate them as a brand. I’m planning on using this backpack for baba for hospital, i’ve put a few little bits in already like their hospital book/ some nappies/ wipes/ cream etc.

The bag comes with a cushioned changing mat, two removable pouches one which is insulated and one that is mesh like, there’s a laptop pocket at the back, both side pockets are also insulated, water proof and buggy friendly. I’m super excited to start using this, I think it’s definitely big enough to fit both of the kids items in so i’ll be using it for them both 🙂

This was my leaving present from my lovely lovely work lot and I was so blown away with it! Their the sweetest 🙂

you can purchase it here


Burt Bees baby set, this was a total surprise present from a lovely friend. Funny enough I had seen on social media earlier that morning the Burt Bees lipstick which caught my eye and i’d love to try this summer. I wasn’t aware of a Burt Bees baby set but I think it makes a really lovely present, Rue was allergic to Johnsons and we’ve stayed away from it ever since and used Boots own baby range but i’m going to try him on the Burt Bees this weekend 🙂

you can purchase it here

I mentioned previously about purchasing a material sling and i’ve finally got round to doing it yay! I picked up a linen sling from the lovely people over at Mezaya Baby. I couldn’t be happier with it, so much so i’ve been using it lately to support bump whilst i’ve been doing a bit of nesting and it’s been fab!

I can’t wait to try it out on baba – honestly I adore sling wearing so I hope this baba does too 😉

We picked up the London Light Linen sling, here

One of my favourite independent stores to pick up unusual bits is Turtle Dove, Rue has a fair few bits from across all their ranges and i’m keen to involve babs into this too. Starting with this adorable romper eek! I thought it’d be perfect for our little summer holiday to the coast in July and for hopefully lots of sunny days in the back garden!

I was lucky enough to receive and email from Turtle Dove offering buy one get one free, so I instantly jumped at the chance oh and free delivery, so winning over here! I picked up the romper and two of the swaddles (the dream one is featured above in the Burt’s photo) all for £20 ♥

So many beautiful unisex items on their website here Rue was actually featured on their instagram page wearing his stripes dungarees, I’ve picked up the black with white triangles ready for him this year although papa has told me know more dungarees 🙁 which breaks my heart a little!

I’ve also been busy preparing for summer days for Rue, with our weather you never know when the sun might make an appearance and I don’t intend to be doing much other than day to day stuff those first six weeks of babs life. So we’ve been stocking up items ready for Summer/ Rue’s next growth spurt including:

  • I did a mini Primark haul for Rue the other day, I now have to shop in the bigger boy area (heart breaking) he’s currently in size 2-3 t-shirts and these come in at £1.30 each, these are just p e r f e c t for nursery days! Some days he comes home clean and other days the clothes are pretty much ruined (which is fine, this is why I choose to stock up on inexpensive clothes that way it doesn’t matter).
  • I also picked up some chino shorts for him from Primark with elasticated waist, i’m not a fan of jeans on babs I suppose because I struggle so much with jeans I don’t like to think of them uncomfortable but not knowing to say. I picked up two pairs for £6 as I wasn’t sure on his size but i’ll definitely be going back to get more.
  • Shoes – we’ve mentioned before we a l w a y s buy Rue shoes from Clarks but even the Outlet prices of £20+ are a bit steep when we’re buying multiple pairs for different places (i.e. nursery & home). We always pick up Rue brand new shoes for home, this time when we took him to get fitted he picked his own shoes (something that I just find so adorable) and they look absolutely gorgeous on him! I always try to pick up second hand/ hardly worn shoes off eBay for nursery days just because again then it doesn’t matter. I normal manage to pick these up for a couple of quid 😀 this time round I couldn’t find any that I was happy enough with as a second hand pair, I still want them to look decent before Rue has them. So papa kindly picked up a pair on his lunch break for Rue brand new from Clarks, these came in at £20.99 which we don’t normally do but when he got to the till the price was £10!! Now tell me who doesn’t love it when that happens!
  • Finally we’ve just made the transition from winter coat to spring coat over here for Rue, again buying one new coat for home and one for nursery. I mentioned in a previous post the little jacket (here) I picked up from Zara for Rue at half price, plus it’s reversible so techicnally two for one 😉 Papa also picked up a second hand (which looked new too me) lightly padded rain coat for nursery, Rue’s quite a warm child & he’s always running around when he’s outside so the light padding will be just perfect for him.

I love sharing independent sellers i’ve come across, items/ brands that I believe in and tips so I hope this has been interesting and let me know if your interested in posts like these ♥


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