September 2014 – month eight

10 days until due date and i’m feeling bored, crazy I know, looking now back now I now don’t remember what bored is …

I had way too much time on my hands waiting for him to come now its the reverse ha! So we’ve been doing some final mini touches to the house like this photo feature wall in the lounge ready to fill with your photos baba! I’m obsessed with photo walls – probably overkilled it in our home but hubby loves them so we’re happy thats all that matters right 🙂

Then I surprised him with this fruit tart I made for him, I don’t like cream cheese and i’m not sure I could even eat it with baba in my belly so I don’t get to enjoy it with him. But yep kind of a big deal as I recently burnt pasta bake – I totally cannot cook and have no interest in learning.

Then nesting has come into swing, i’m quite superstitious so I didn’t want to do too much to soon / leave everything until he’s here safe and sound. So superstitious over here.



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