September 2014 – month eight

Shortly after September begin my body started to show me signs it was tired now. Friday afternoon and i’m sat at my desk and suddenly I can’t see. I’m sat trying to see my screen and not freak out that I can’t. Parts start to return to me so I go for a walk around the office and bump into hubby. We decided to go home and rest, I text my mama to tell how about my afternoon and that we was going home for a nap. It obviously didn’t occur to me that this could be the worst thing to do. Over she comes and marches me up to the hospital to be checked out. Luckily everything was fine and baba is all fine, my body is just tired. You don’t realise what your body is going through and you carry on as normal.

Work wouldn’t let me return so I ended up leaving very early September, it was my intention to work up until two weeks before due date but only for financial reasons. Here’s a photo of WM, bump and I on my last day of work for 2014 after handing my laptop over.



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