s i x months my boy

six months since you were born, since you came into our lives in the most beautiful way (thank the lord!) since you changed our lives more than i ever expected, six perfect months ♥

whilst i was pregnant i didn’t get carried away with what life would look like with two babs as i thought what will be will be and i knew we’d cope better this time as we’d be prepared but because i didn’t dream day i didn’t for a second think about how much our hearts would double triple even quadruple in size! i know theres this myth like how can you love another child like your first but boy trust me you can and you will and it won’t even be a question! these people that have twenty kids not sure i totally get that and also how do you split your time evenly that is impossible, i struggle to split my time just between us four to ensure we’re all getting attention (counting myself in there, even if i always come last nowadays…)

Ridleys totally completed us as a family and this is us now, the four of us, The Maguires & i couldn’t be happier.

i may be outnumbered by what papa calls the ‘boy club’ but their always gonna need their mama as their male 😉 plus papa still gets his lunch made up for him in a lunchbox so proves my point!

i tried to get one of those cute holding the baby in the air photos & failed but these are still adorable

We love you our little boy ♥




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