s l i d e r s = love

my love for sliders has been drawn out over the last year, admittedly it was my husband who got me into them. He wears them as slippers around the house for 95% of the year and on my birthday list from him last year was a pair of sliders to match his but they had sold out before he could get me some 🙁

so for mothers day this year this is all I asked for but just ended up buying them myself to ensure I got a pair this year 😉

I’ve mentioned before both my love of matching what my boys wear & also anything that makes life that bit easier, these will be fab for a stroll to the park or around the block after WM gets home from work & on top of that the ones I have are so comfortable!

I personally probably won’t end up buying the more feminine style ones as I love mine too much & frankly I don’t need two pairs, ohh these sliders now take my total amount of shoes up to f i v e pairs – still going well 🙂

Below is a little round up of some of the current sliders out there that caught my eye ♥

Ours will definitely be on our summer staple list this year – what items do you have on yours?

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