S E V E N whole months of you

perfect little you ♥

SEVEN months of you my darling boy

My oh my way is time going so quickly & where has my tiny newborn gone ;(;(

Seven months of pure joy with you bab, we all absolutely dote on you (as much as we can, you all know the second child kinda has to wait whilst the first child gets seen to first) your now sitting up, trying desperately to move & getting so fed up you can’t 🙁 chatting away to anyone and everyone, the moment you wake up in the morning you give me the biggest smile & then chat away whilst I get dressed, you’ll go to near enough anyone for cuddles or attention, your super chubby – sometimes I worry your not eating enough as your still in mainly purée but you are chubby & we love it! Your hair is s l o w l y starting to grow but still no teethys yet! You are just the happiest, softest, kissable baby ever and we adore you!
ps sorry for the overload but just look at him! ♥
pps i was a month ahead in the first few photos and was using the eight month card 😐

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