RUEBEN is f o u r ✨

B i r t h d a y boy

My baby your four! Four whole years old, hands up who remembers when Rue was a baby? Didn’t it only feel like yesterday? I thought I’d share what we got up too, what we brought Rue and where the decorations are from.

We originally planned to take Rue to Westonbirt for his birthday but the weather didn’t play ball (the same issue we had with Ridleys birthday, eye rolls) so it was slightly rubbish for him especially as we got him a bike for his birthday. We decided to stagger his presents throughout the day we find this method works really well as then it’s not the typical open and throw approach that kids have. So we had presents at three different times throughout the day and also a separate time for cards as he was super excited by the ‘postcards’ this year espically if money fell out, he has no idea what money means but he was so excited!

We had always planned to buy Rue a bike for his birthday but we totally didn’t appreciate how expensive bikes are, does anyone else think bikes are expensive? WM and I spent days/ weeks searching for bikes, even my friend Josie spent her evenings helping look for one. We was considering getting a second hand bike as with kids you just never know if you’re going to get your money’s worth out of presents and you know me the super careful person with money over here! Some of the bikes we looked at new started at like £100 …. We spent hours debating what to do and which one to get and we decided we really need to try the different frame sizes out so took Rue to Halfords where both him and I fell in love with the same bike! And maybe WM a little bit, we ended up buying him a kids BMX red bike which is called ‘R14’ – Rue’s initials and date of birth, totally fate right! We didn’t buy it then and there because it was £120 – I checked on Halfords the next day and it had been reduced to £100 with free delivery (at the time I couldn’t drive to far as my car sensors had gone and plus I’m at work all week, so this worked well!) so far he’s been out on it roughly 7 times, which in under three weeks at this time of year I think is pretty good!

Other bits we got included duplo set, new bedtime books, ninja turtle dressing up shell, transformers toy, wooden tool box and tools, sticker activity book – all of which came to less than £15! A couple of items were second hand to try and keep costs down. We spent money on decorations, mainly the balloons, I’m all for the giant number balloons and I was so lucky to have two of them for my birthday but at like £7 a balloon and then the dinosaur balloon was £5 thats a lot just on balloons man. We made our own cake (well WM did 😉 ) and I decorated with mini dinosaurs, bunting I had made from Etsy & kinder eggs for the dinosaurs to hatch out of (idea i copied from a lovely friend)! I brought one lot of hessian dinosaur bunting from Etsy again for a fiver and then made the rest myself, the pom pom bunting was super easy and the dinosaur feet I found on pinterest and them cut out and made into bunting. We also had take away for dinner on Rue’s birthday as a little treat as he loves pizza and so does Ridley so works well 😉 don’t you think it’s crazy how all the above can add up – luckily we didn’t have to pay for Westonbirt and we found an offer for the pizza and we made a lot of the decorations/ cake ourselves but you can totally see how parents go into overdrafts for their kids birthdays, I kinda dread when the kids are older and the expectations are h u g e!


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