Ridleys Room

its been a while since i’ve done a house update & thats mainly because we start things and never finish (hands up who else does this, can’t just be us) and two we don’t have the money to do the bigger stuff right now so some rooms are only half done or maybe a third, there’s a lot to do and we probably should have kept more money back from the sale then we did but we’ll get there …. one day 😉

so Ridleys room, officially the first completed room in the house woo hoo! here’s some before photos

this was our sleeping arrangements whilst painting Ridleys room, it was also the same time he was really poorly with a cold so i found it much easier to lean over and comfort him hence why he’s not sleeping in his cot.

so what have we done, we’ve painted the room white (was originally going to be a feature wall of blue and then the rest white but i changed my mind …. always changing my mind & WM is so good & doesn’t complain) we’ve freshened up the skirting and door frames, we’ve painted inside the massive wardrobe (which i don’t have a photo of inside & its rammed with shit 😉 we also choose to carpet inside the wardrobe, we re-carperted the room to get rid of that red (which Rue is the only one who loves alllll the red in the house)

we haven’t actually brought anything new for Ridleys room apart from one piece of art, which i got on sale, otherwise we’ve re-used bits that we had originally in different rooms and up cycled pieces.

as its our third bedroom it isn’t the biggest of rooms but i also think its far generous then the normal third room ‘box room’ (Rue has the biggest room but we’re still saving up for a proper bed & mattress for him at the moment) i’ve kept it quite clean/ white/ minimalist where i can. We re-used Rues cot and mattress and then added in our beloved sleepyhead! The chair we had in Rues room when he was a baby & we got it from Lakeland furniture for a snippet of the price of these types of chairs! the curtains we re-used from our bedroom at number 70 (these were our John Lewis curtains that were a wedding present from my mama so its so lovely to be able to still use them) and we also re-used our Laura Ashley lampshade which was previously in our room. The stool is from ikea we’ve had it for ages, it means so much to me as my juney would sit on this every Saturday & so it always reminds me of her, WM has just painted it blue for me to add some colour at a lower level to the room.

art wise you guys know i love art but i’ve chosen to keep it quite simple for now, so i’ve re-used this tissue paper bunting that we had at our baby shower for Rue (think i need to change it slightly as the washi tape annoys me), then we re-used the book shelfs from ikea that was in Rues old bedroom to create a little book wall, love these shelfs so much! i entered a give away on instagram & won the macrame wall hanging which is just b e a u t i f u l! & finally this is the artwork i picked up new, i really wanted a narwhal print & i can’t tell you why and i found this piece by the lovely Amber on Etsy (i’ve yet to hang it yet).

so two more things to do – WM painted our radiator in the kitchen the other day (same colour as the stool in Ridleys room) so i’ve asked him to paint Ridleys radiator, i don’t know if you are or aren’t meant to paint radiators (my uncles painted all of his) and these aren’t good radiators their old & yellow, it is our plan to replace them but the quote was $$ and the door to Ridleys room needs re-glossing as its a white gone yellow vibe ;(

(items linked here, Ridleys cot, sleepyhead, Ikea stool, AngelCare monitor, Penguin, chevron blanket, rocking chair, book shelf similar here, underwater art, shop i won the macrame from here.

i think thats everything but shout if i’ve missed anything & hope you’ve enjoyed seeing how i’ve styled Ridleys room …. for now 😉


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